Chrissy has been working with animals for over 20 years, she started out her career working with animals as a teenager. She began by volunteering at the local humane society, and when old enough to work she started working at the shelter; this is where she learned about animal behavior and training. The shelter also had a spay/neuter clinic where she learned how to medicate, detect illness in animals, and work with the doctor to get the animals feeling better. In 2000 Chrissy moved to Massachusetts and started working at the MSPCA, where she helped care for animals and helped to find them homes. Chrissy has a strong interest in dog behavior and training; she has fostered many dogs that have behavior issues and has helped make them better family members. Chrissy currently volunteers for Long Island Bulldog Rescue and fosters bully breeds until they find their new families; she also has three bully dogs of her own at home and in her off time she enjoys hiking and being outside.