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At Easthampton Animal Hospital we are dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible Veterinary care. We are proud to offer compassionate care that is accessible to all. Operational for over 20 years, Easthampton Animal Hospital is here to provide you with quality wellness care to ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy. 

COVID19 Policy Update

Please review the COVID Policies and Procedures we have had to implement during the Massachusetts’  Stay at Home orders.


Clinic Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-6pm
Wednesdays 8am-6pm
Saturdays (by appointment only) 9am-2pm

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Updated COVID 19 Policies
October 16, 2020

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our hours starting November 7, 2020.  Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, we are no longer able to accommodate any walk-in appointments.   Additionally, our small hospital requires us to remain curbside for the foreseeable future.  Thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we endeavor to keep our staff and clients safe.  

New hours effective 11/7/2020

Clinic Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am-6pm
Wednesdays 8am-6pm
Saturdays (by appointment only) 9am-2pm

Phone Menu: Due to the overwhelming influx of calls, we have added a new menu option to our phone system. Please listen carefully to our new options and select accordingly.

Examination Protocol: When you arrive for your appt, please call the office at (413) 527-0127 and select option 2, this will let the team know you have arrived. A cell phone is required for communication. After you check-in a technician will call you to discuss your companion’s history and concerns. At this time, the technician will tell you what door to escort your companion too. These doors lead directly into an examination room. Door 1 is near the front entrance to the hospital. Door 2 is around the back of the hospital. You must be wearing a face covering. Dogs must have on a collar or harness tight enough that it will not slide off. Cats must come in a secure carrier. You are required to remain on the premises during your appointment. After the examination is performed, a doctor will call you with their exam findings, recommendations and a treatment plan. Once the appointment is complete a team member will call you to get payment over the phone. During this pandemic we prefer payment by credit or debit card. Checks are not accepted.

Wellness Appointments: These are booking many weeks in advance, please plan accordingly.

Sick Appointments: While we do our best to accommodate sick appointments for our active clients, please understand that there is a limit. There may be times when it is a few days before we can schedule an appointment. If we think your companion cannot wait to be seen and cannot accommodate a same day/fit in appointment, we may recommend you take your companion to the ER.

Surgery Appointments: We are scheduling surgery appointments but have a large backlog of requests for dental procedures. Please be patient as our surgery technicians are working hard to get things scheduled.

Medication and Food Pick-Up: We ask that you leave a message on the medication/food refill line, or option 3 when you call. To expedite your refill, please leave a detailed message including your pet’s first and last name, the medication including the strength, how often you are giving it, the quantity you are requesting and an estimation of how many days’ supply you have left. If you do not hear from us, your medication will be available in 24 hours for pick up. Please call once you arrive in the parking lot at (413) 527-0127 and select option 4, to speak with a receptionist. We will take payment over the phone and then we will set your food/medication on the bench outside for you to pick up. If you have paid in advance, please call when you arrive in the parking lot and we will set your medication/food on the bench for you to pick-up.

Sick Clients or People Under Quarantine: If there is a COVID 19 positive person or a person with symptoms in your household, you will be responsible for finding someone outside the household to bring in your companion. You may also call to reschedule your appointment or for non-urgent matters schedule a telemedicine visit. Unfortunately, we cannot take into consideration negative COVID 19 test results given the high number of false negative results. You may bring your companion in for an appointment: 1. If it has been over 3 weeks from the onset of clinical signs and you have had no fever for 3 days, while off medications. 2. Or if the quarantine period is over for you AND your household members, whichever is longer.

We again want to thank you for patience and support during this unprecedented time.


Please Note! Our Policies Have been Updated

We have updated our FAQ to include changes to our Prescription agreements to include an Outside Pharmacy Policy ensuring you receive your pet’s medication in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

Our COVID19 policies have also been updated as of October 2020..