Bobbie Kenna

Dr. Bobbie Kenna is a graduate of Mississippi State University. She completed an oncology internship before moving to Massachusetts to do relief work for general practices in the area. In 2011, she joined VCA Montgomery Rd Animal Hospital full-time as an associate with a period of time as medical director. She was excited to move on to Easthampton Animal Hospital in November 2018.

Dr. Kenna loves internal medicine, dentistry, and preventative medicine including client education. She lives with her daughter in Westhampton, Massachusetts. They have quiet the menagerie, including a Cavalier mix named Pretty Perrin Naughty Pant, a poodle mix named Rosalie Kisses, cat named Sassy Colleen Mi-up Mi-ups and a silly angelfish named Fred.

Fun facts

Dr. Kenna has been know to breath fire and spin poi in her spare time

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